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Philip R. Collins

£9.95 (paperback) + £2.00 p&p


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*** Currently out of print. New edition in preparation. ***

Philip Collins traces the development of the barograph from the earliest self-recording aneroids, through their heyday and into post-war times, using numerous examples, as well as information from old catalogues and patents. His painstaking research and thorough discussion help the reader to understand and appreciate the large variety of barographs that are still available today in auction houses and antique shops and at collectors' fairs.

This book is an invaluable reference guide, which also gives practical advice on general maintenance of the barograph.

1 The First Barographs and Self-recording Aneroids
2 Aneroid Barographs pre-1902
3 Aneroid Barographs post-1902
4 Unusual Barographs and Altimeter Recorders
5 Nibs, Diaphragms, Charts and General Maintenance
Appendix: Summary of Patents Bibliography

ISBN: 978-0-948382-12-3
235 x 155 mm x + 146 pp 136 illus.
£9.95 (paperback)
First published 2002

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